anonymoX for Chrome 1.2.6

Browse the internet in Chrome in a truly private way by hiding the IP address

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anonymoX is a lightweight add-on for Chrome that allows you to anonymously surf the internet with a single click of the mouse or tap of the screen. The primary goal of this add-on is to restore a user's online privacy so that they don't have to worry about having their information stolen by third parties. It also prevents third parties from tracking one’s location to restrict or alter content. This add-on is a good option for those who would like to surf anonymously without using a different browser or search engine.

Recent studies and reports have revealed that internet users are being tracked as soon as they open their web browsers. While that tracking can be useful in some situations, it is also invasive. Websites, search engines, and social media companies track the habits of each individual user in order to target them for specific ads. They can also restrict what type of content users see based on their locations and preferences. In order to bypass those issues, many people have turned to add-ons like anonymoX.

When a user would like to surf anonymously, they can simply click on the anonymoX icon and choose a new IP. This add-on essentially creates a new “persona” for the user every time the button is clicked. Your IP address and location will be randomized after you choose a few different options. You can also pick IP addresses from specific locations such as Europe, Africa, or Asia depending on what type of browsing you will be doing.

Another unique feature that this add-on offers is the ability to delete cookies whenever you leave a website. After filling out any information on a new site, you will be prompted to delete those cookies as soon as you close the page. That makes anonymoX a great option for users who are worried about Chrome actively saving their data. You even have the option of switching between various “personas” as you change websites or fill out different forms.

This piece of software is a good option for those who would like to occasionally hide their locations and IP addresses. anonymoX uses minimal resources, and it can easily be turned off and on whenever you like. VPNs tend to be more secure, but many people don’t need that level of security. anonymoX is an excellent alternative for casual users who don’t want to switch between browsers or programs whenever they would like to surf the internet anonymously.


  • Lightweight add-on
  • Easy to install and use
  • Multiple location options


  • Not much security
  • Can’t choose between servers

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